Business Markers

Ambitious organisations understand they need experienced guides to grow faster and to get ready for the future. That's what we do: Experienced guides providing leadership to make you (*) grow.
(*): You, your team and your Organisation. We are atypical: we make ourselves redundant as soon as possible, unless you want support to implement it.

Business Markers’ team consists of >20 entrepreneur-specialists, focusing on current business pains as well as future business frameworks. All of them have 15-20 years of experience and really lived the challenges on the floor. No bullshit. We offer services on 4 domains: actionable strategy, engaged people, valuable customers and operational excellence.

We love our customers. Customers like Coca-Cola, Brussels Airport, TVH, Tobania, Vlaio, STIB-MIVB, Vanden Borre, VDAB, Oleon, Bouwpunt, ... though also Revimaxx, Floralux, Uitvaartcentra, Wineshops, ...

Naastveldstraat 156
9160 Lokeren
We make you grow. (1) we = no consultants (2) You, your team and your organisation, (3) Grow: 4 domains to excell and be ready for the future
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