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The GRN Fair

18 november 2019 18:45 tot 22:00

For this event, we have invited numerous sustainable start-ups to share their story and goals. Also, several guest speakers will be joining our event to talk about a specific topic regarding sustainability. All this to change people’s mindsets and to inspire young individuals to embrace sustainability into their personal and professional lives. 

Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to interact with young professionals, to expand your own network and to learn more about the following questions: “What is it like to be a young entrepreneur?”, “What does it mean to be sustainable?”, “What are the bumps in the road?”, “What is their view on the future?”... At the same time, it is a great opportunity for the start-ups to get to know you. Your feedback may help them improve and help see things from different perspectives, so everybody benefits from it. 

We kindly request every visitor to bring along either an old piece of clothing or an old book. These will be collected to donate to a good cause. 

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