Pragmatic one-stop-shop solution
1. Sustainability Transition
– Supporting businesses to activate or improve their approach towards a sustainability transformation by aligning the sustainability vision defining a sustainability program based on a risks and maturity assessment. Additionally, the possible funding and financial optimizations of sustainability efforts can be investigated.
2. Non financial reporting
– Supporting businesses to start or to improve their sustainability disclosure, driven by voluntarily or compliancy reasons (NFRD/CSRD). Based on internationally recognized frameworks, the data is gathered and converted. Additional support can be offered to define an improvement program, excecute a benchmark analysis and/or set up a dashboard to continuously follow-up the KPI’s
3 Non financial Assurance
– Supporting businesses to assure their sustainability disclosures by a (independent) third-party. In preparation of an assurance/certification a readiness assessment can be executed. ESG Due diligence can be performed in case of mergers & Acquisitions.

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Combination of sustainability experts and business & industry experts - backed up with the knowledge of the global BDO network. References in place.