The Brussels SDG Summit

10 juni 2020 9:00 tot 23:0011 juni 2020 0:00 tot 23:00

Join us on 10-11 June 2020 at the Brussels SDG Summit! We are back for a new exciting edition on “Transforming Business for a Sustainable Europe”.

The Brussels SDG Summit 2020 focus on "Transforming Business for a Sustainable Europe".

On the 10th, CSR Europe will host its annual General Assembly between 14.00 and 16.00. Later in the day, we will bring on stage influential industry leaders who will make an exciting announcement regarding business’s contribution to the EU Green Deal and new EU Industry Strategy.

On the 11th, our interactive Morning Plenary will take place. The first session will focus on businesses’ and industry federations’ commitment to pursue an overarching Sustainable Europe 2030 Strategy. In the second session, participants will have the opportunity to interact with high-level speakers about how to finance systemic transformation.

In the afternoon, our interactive 15 SDGs Roundtables on key sustainability issues will be back. For a whole hour, participants will be able to engage practically with a small group expert sitting at their table. CSR Europe members and National Partner Organisations (NPOs) are invited to share ideas for potential topics.

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